I am from an island called Florianopolis which is just off the coast of Brazil. My parents still run a coffee shop in Brazil so that makes Vintage the second coffee shop I've run. The first one I owned was when I was  only 17. I came over to South Africa to volunteer when I was 19 (this was in 2010). During that time, I met and fell in love with Kevin. The rest is history.

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I was born and raised in Joburg, so I love this place. I fell in love with coffee a few years back after a trip to Brazil where I got to experience their coffee culture, which was very different from my own. This passion for all things coffee continued as I visited Starbucks in the States and in the UK.  Whilst living in the States for 16 months (by which stage I had proposed and married the love of my life, Rebeca), we were able to see coffee crafted on yet another level.

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(cue epic movie music)

Like our love story, we wanted our coffee to be a fusion of these two continents,

meeting to create something beautiful. We married in 2011, add three years and we're making our passions a reality. We believe we can change the lives of many, whilst appreciating the subtle art of coffee making.

We have a strong family culture and focus on creating spaces where people feel at home. We started Vintage Coffee to add value to the city and as we were on the journey we began tor realise that our heart was to add value to humanity. We want to see the future of families changed. A different legacy.