Eggs and bacon are all very well, but for a more inspiring start to the day thousands of individuals seek something more. Yes, the humble yet sublime cup of coffee that plays an integral role in opening eyes to a number of world-changing possibilities.


We all know how to drink coffee, so why not offer enthusiasts the opportunity to learn how to make great coffee. Vintage Coffee is passionate about building relationships and developing a culture of education. The training evenings involve taking passionate people on a journey from bean to cup.

Vintage Coffee is the coffee shops near me offering barista training, coffee for home and more!


Green beans are an important part of who we are and what we do at Vintage. Volunteers who are keen to join the crew at Vintage Coffee start off their journey as a Green Bean. What does it meant to be part of the Green Bean team? It's just like an internship program, you volunteer about 4 hours a week (one shift) for 3 months and we teach you everything we know about coffee. We love our Green Beans!!! They are passionate about coffee and adding value to humanity!

Our internship program is perfect if you have some spare time and passion about all things coffee!
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